83% of Personal Computers Purchased in Asian Came with Pirated Software dumps shop online, cvvs for sale

Microsoft tested 166 computers purchased from Asian, which indicated a massive use of pirated software. Statistics show that Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Korea had 100 percent of pirated software on their personal computers.
More than 90 percent of new personal computers bought from India by Microsoft were discovered to have high-level of pirated software. This was discovered by the analysis conducted by the software giant – Microsoft. Statistics show that nine Asian countries with India inclusive have a high rate of pirated software used on their personal computers.
Microsoft bought these computers between May and July of this year. When the company tested the personal computers, it showed that over 83 percent of them purchased from these nine Asian countries have pirated software. The test further indicated that about 91 percent of these systems having pirated software, followed by Indonesia with 90 percent, Taiwan 73 percent, Singapore, and the Philippines 55 percent and 43 percent respectively. The other Asian countries – Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Korea all recorded a 100 percent pirated software on their personal computers.
166 personal computers were purchased from these nine countries. 22 of them were from random shops in India, 20 out of these 22 had pirated software when experts tested it. The Assistant General Counsel and Regional Director of Digital Crimes in Asia, Mary Jo Schrade beckoned on consumers to decide on buying genuine software rather than going for those with pirated software. She further added that 17 out of the 20 units purchased from India had malware when tested. Generally, the 166 personal computers gotten from these Asian countries, 83 percent of them had pirated software, which is equivalent to 137 personal computers.
While trying to educate people, she advised that getting free software is not necessarily free because pirated software though initially cheap comes with extra cost with an embedded virus like Trojan . Personal computers compromised by these virus doesn’t only slow down the performance of the system but also steal information and access to the computer system.
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