Brave Browser enters dark web with its own Tor Onion service feshop-acccc, unicc-bazarcm

Brave, an exclusive crypto-friendly web browser, has announced its integration with the Dark Web. Now Brave browser’s pages will be accessible on the Dark Web via the Tor gateway.
Tor browser lets users access .onion links. It helps people use the internet anonymously by bouncing search requests across relays dispersed across the globe.
Ben Kero, DevOps engineer at Brave has developed a handy guide to explain how to access Brave pages on the dark web. Kero writes that he first “minded” an address already accessible on the onion network to generate a private key by expending computational resources.
Furthermore, by using GTX1080 , a mid-range graphics card, the team received a .onion address and a private key within just 15 minutes.
“That allows us to advertise we are ready and able to receive traffic sent to this address,” wrote Kero in a blog post .
Once the address’s mining was complete, the Brave browser booted the Enterprise Onion Toolkit to let users proxy traffic to their regular .com domain. Afterward, the team set up an SSL certificate to certify that domains are safe, and all the information they send across will be encrypted.
Contrary to popular perception, Dark Web isn’t all about illegal activities . It is also used by researchers, journalists, and activists to surf the web freely [PDF]. It is particularly useful in areas where the government has imposed strict internet policies.
Nevertheless, the Tor browser not only helps people use the internet anonymously but also helps bypass censorship .
Considering that Brave browser has its own Tor address ‘Brave.onion,’ users can now easily access Brave’s websites straight from the dark web. Using Tor’s address to access Brave web pages will protect the users’ metadata, including their geolocation.
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