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Extreme Hacking
Advanced Ethical Hacking Institute in Pune
We Will Need Multiple Things To Get Our Selves Started.
-A Good Username + Password List
Step 1:
The first thing we will have to do is run the Nmap Setup. Dont worry it does not come with any adware.
Step 2:
Ok so in the zip i provided head over to the directory and open the file as administrator /nmap/scannner.bat. If you don’t understand look at the screenshots i provided in the spoiler.
Step 3:
You will now see either 1 or two windows pop up. If two Opened Close 1 of them. If one opened just leave it. We want to leave this open for as long as possible minimum i would say is 1 Hour. It will Eventually look like the second image in the spoiler.
Step 4:
Once you are done feel free to close that program. A File will be created in the nmap directory
[File + Contents]
Step 5:
Now go to the DuBrute_2.1 Folder and run DuBrute as administrator.
Step 6:
We now need to make it so the program can read the information. To do this we will need to click on Generation. Where it says Ip click on file ip. Where it says Login click file Login where it says password click file Pass. It will be shown clearly in spoiler below. And once loaded click make.
Step 7:
Once the bar has completed and you get a pop up you can close that window but don’t close DUBrute v2.1. That process we just did created a file calles Source.txt This will be in /DUBrute)2.1/source.txt we will have to head over to config on dubrute and locate this file. Then press ok.
[Final Setup]
Step 8:
Now its finally time to get cracking all you have to do is press START now and just wait 🙂
Dont leech its free knowledge
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