Dear States, Let’s Secure Elections Together Synack credit card database dump, altenen database dumps

We know our election systems are a target for the adversary this election cycle. We also know states are working hard to button up our nation’s security ahead of November. Rather than sit on the sidelines, Synack stands ready to take action. We want to help states scale their efforts to secure our voting systems because we believe that the best security comes from a united effort to stay a step ahead of the adversary.
Synack CEO and Co-Founder Jay Kaplan sent this letter to the Secretaries of State of all 50 states today on June 5, 2018, officially launching the Secure the Election initiative, a pro bono campaign to help states secure voting systems before 2018 Midterm elections:
To our Secretaries of State,
Based on our conversations with many of you and Department of Homeland Security, we know that you are under pressure to secure your election systems before November. We have been following your tremendous cyber efforts already underway, and we, along with our crowd of American security researchers, want to help. Today, Synack, the leader in crowdsourced security testing, is launching the bipartisan Secure the Election initiative to offer pro bono crowdsourced security testing services to any state that wants to harden their voter registration systems against attack between now and the midterms.
I began my career as a government-sponsored hacker at the NSA. I saw firsthand how incredibly vulnerable our world is today. I also saw what a group of highly talented, motivated people, enabled with technology, could achieve. I started Synack to build the most trusted, secure crowdsourced hacker platform. We help organizations ranging from the Department of Defense to the largest banks to Domino’s Pizza to find and fix vulnerabilities before the adversary can exploit them. We do this by harnessing a crowd of skilled, vetted security researchers that are motivated to serve their country and enabling them with proprietary technology.
The Secure the Election initiative is a bipartisan effort to provide security by America for America. We know that security resources are limited. The majority of states have under 15 FTEs on their enterprise security teams, and <7% of states are able to conduct third party penetration testing more than annually. States aren’t the only ones that face this challenge – worldwide, we are expected to witness a 3.5M person cyber talent shortage by 2021 (according to Cybersecurity Ventures). Governments and enterprises alike simply don’t have the scale necessary to rigorously test their full attack surface. Staying one step ahead of the adversary is critical to success. Our pro bono services look for vulnerabilities in remotely-accessible voter registration databases and online voter registration websites from a hacker’s perspective. Using our secure platform, we can quickly and seamlessly discover vulnerabilities left undetected by other solutions and help your teams remediate them before the election and before exploitation by the adversary. Here is an overview of our pro bono offering with more information on how our platform can seamlessly integrate into your current operations and provide you with complete control over all testing activity. The best security is rooted in a united effort. America’s best security talent is ready to help. Join us in taking action. Jay Kaplan CEO & Co-Founder, Synack Ready to secure the elections for your state? Email us at to partner with Synack and stay one step ahead of the adversaries. credit card database dump altenen database dumps