Dozens of “hackers” competing for big prizes in Vancouver hackathon the dump furniture near me, fullz dumps

Before you can say “there’s an app for that”, you need someone to actually build it.
And that’s what budding developers will be doing at an international competition in Vancouver this weekend.
SAP Vancouver is hosting AppHACK, a worldwide “Hackathon” event that is in Vancouver for the first time. Individuals will have a day to create a new mobile app from scratch before showing it to developers and designers.
Entrants have 24 hours to come up with the next big mobile app – with hundreds of thousand or dollars in prizes on the line.
“It’s basically a code fest,” says Kirsten Sutton of Angelhack Spokesperson. “We bring together developers, they sit in a room and innovate and collobarate in a pretty intense environment. They eat, sleep, drink here for 24 hours.
“They’ll start out with some presentations about different options and ideas for technologies, and then we’ll cut them loose.”
The term “hacker” is used in the tech community to describe people who create innovative projects on their own.
“Hack isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is the criminal element, but hack is a playful thing. It’s about exploring,” says Sutton.
– With files from Jennifer Palma
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