Hackers access customers database by scamming UScellular staff jshop-prosu, cardersprocom

Chicago, Illinois-based United States Cellular Corporation or UScellular has suffered a data breach after hackers manage to access the company’s CRM system by installing malware. As a result, on January 4th, 2020, the unknown hackers were able to gain personal information, including customer accounts, security PINs, and phone numbers.
It is worth noting that the malware was installed by an unidentified individual on a computer at one of the U.S. Cellular retail stores.
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The main victims of this incident are the UScellular store workers, as the hackers had utilized their credentials for the purpose of accessing the customer relationship management (or CRM) software and luring the customers to provide remote access.
As stated by the data breach notification presented by the office of the Vermont attorney general,
A few employees in retail stores were successfully scammed by unauthorized individuals and downloaded the software onto a store computer.
“Since the employee was already logged into the customer retail management (“CRM”) system, the downloaded software allowed the unauthorized individual to remotely access the store computer and enter the CRM system under the employee’s credentials.”
By gaining access to the consumer retail management system, the hackers were able to infiltrate the store’s computers remotely under the credentials of its employees.     
However, as soon as UScellular discovered that they were compromised, which was approximately two days after the attack, the initial steps were taken to disconnect the compromised device from the system.
In order to cease any further form of future fraudulent activities, the access of information from any unknown devices had been restricted and customers were encouraged to keep stronger pins and passcodes.
Furthermore, employees were also encouraged to change their passwords as well and login credentials in all the retail stores were reset.
The database contained details such as first name, last name, address, city, state, and phone numbers of  126,761,168 Americans.
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