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Tesla is not the typical automotive company, as it resembles a Silicon Valley technology start-up. Tesla along with its IT partners are trying to produce more complex and reliable products at a massive scale. We are going to witness the well-known auto brands like VW, Toyota, FCA, etc. to join Silicon Valley technology companies.
Automakers like Tesla are more focused on making electric cars and driving assisting software. Both innovations are going to become the true landmarks of digital transformation in the automotive industry. Tesla is one of the most geared and prominent examples of modern automakers.
The primary goal of Tesla was to revolutionise the transportation system by introducing electric cars in the market. But they end up rebooting the entire automotive industry. By now, they have transformed the way of car designing, manufacturing, and marketing.
They have created the vehicle with a more advanced system and self-driving capabilities. Although, it is still under process. We all are looking forward to witnessing self-driving cars in this decade. If we talk about Tesla, it is already influencing the global giants of this industry. Moreover, it has also changed the way people drive or shop with cars.
In this blog, we will discuss in detail how Tesla is redefining the whole automotive industry. You can also buy or rent a Tesla Model S from any professional car company.
1- Tesla Autopilot Mode
Tesla released its first autopilot mode in October 2015, and it was the first time that semi-autonomous technology reached that level. Musk acknowledged that time that some people may take their hands off the wheels, but still it was not advised. It was the right decision of course, as the scary videos of autonomous cars were all over the internet at that time.
Along with Tesla, Google also launched its self-driving cars before with a primary feature of autopilot called Auto steer. This technology was pretty helpful to keep the car in the current lane to manage speed and distance from the car ahead.
After the launch of the first autopilot, all the major automakers have announced their own plans to roll out self-driving and highly automated cars. For instance, GM equipped their Cadillac CT6 with super cruise while on the other hand, Mercedes Benz S Glass is getting a Drive pilot. Audi 8 also comes with level 3 of self-driving cars.
In 2020, Tesla split its auto vision start-up Mobil eye and embarked on its own path towards automation. Musk has also announced that Tesla will be equipped with fully driverless technology by 2021.
2- Advanced Electrification Feature
Many automakers have started producing electrification features in order to respond to customer requests. Although the idea of eclectic cars is not new, as many companies are using this feature now. But still, the entire credit should be given to Tesla as it was their idea to release the electric cars to make the environment clean. If we talk about electric car performance, Tesla cars are still number one as they are the fastest.
3- Software of Tesla cars
Tesla cars also have the ability to update their software over the air. This update is still a nightmare for many other automaker companies. Tesla S model was launched in 2015, and yet no one else has produced a similar software update technology. There was a risk of hacking, but still, this step makes Tesla bold enough to be a king in auto digital transformation. Moreover, the OTA is easy to handle, and it comes with a more cost-effective solution. It is indeed the best way to update software.
4- Auto steer features
Tesla is also adding an auto steer model in their cars. It allows you to keep your car in the right lane while upholding the distance and speed between vehicles on the road. After Tesla introduced this feature, the other companies also started following suits and started coming up with similar systems for semi self-driving cars. Tesla is still a pioneer automotive company that came up with the autopilot feature that was a significant step towards self-driving cars.
5- Best car designs
Along with many other advancements, Tesla cars look sexier with little or no changes. Tesla has recently introduced the perfect Model X that comes up with the sinuous design. Tesla is investing much to make their cars look extra trendy and cool. Their looks are also helping to boost the popularity of Tesla cars. Not only that, but they are also setting up the new standards for all the automakers in the industry.
6- IT consulting
Tesla has worked together to bring Silicon Valley and the automotive industry closer. It is because modern cars are not conceivable without the help of the best automotive industry. It ends up increasing the popularity of automotive IT consulting companies worldwide. Besides that, the IT company input has also become more diverse as automotive technologies are no longer limited. They are helping to redefine the automaker companies, their marketing strategies, supply chain, security, etc.
We are witnessing a lot of changes in the automotive industry as they are becoming more stylish and feature-oriented. And all the credit goes to Tesla because of how it transformed the whole industry. For now, Tesla is helping to define the role Silicon Valley played in the automotive industry. Other giants like Faraday Future, Lucid motors, etc. are trying to copy the Musk strategy by building comfy electric cars. Just keep an eye on Tesla or you can check their Model 3 as it will help you to know everything you want to know. In case you are planning a Dubai tour with your friends or family, prefer to rent your own rental car. It will be a lot easier for you to roam around anywhere at your own pace. Also, keep in mind to rent a car according to your stay duration. You can contact Rent a car Dubai companies if you are going to stay for long in Dubai.
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