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Darknet is an underground Internet that exists on the basis of the primary. You can access it only with the help of special programs. They are distributed by non-profit organizations. The most popular is Tor. It combines the program and browser together – all this is presented as a Tor browser, that is, an entire package of programs: a router that allows you to enter the darknet, and a special version of Firefox, where all the features that allow identifying a person are disabled or limited.
What does it take to enter the darknet ? Actually, Tor-browser, which can be downloaded for free for any platform, and links to the necessary directories.
DuckDuckGo search engine is popular on the darknet, which, unlike Google, does not collect or save any data about the user.
But its ability to search by darknet still limited, and many sites can only know their exact address.
Darknet resources are in the .onion domain zone. To enter many sites, you should login. But you do not need to enter your contact information – mail, phone, social networks. It is enough to come up with a login and password at random. The more random they are, the better.
In darknet everything is arranged in the same way as in the usual – there are news sites, markets, different imageboards like 4chan, sites that trade in some products. The main distinguishing feature is that most sites here do something illegal. If it’s news, it’s prohibited, the goods are counterfeit or illegal, discussions on the forums are appropriate. And of course the design. It will remind us of the early 00’s or even late 90’s design. (We recommend that you design your site thoroughly. And always check it with mockups. Free business card mockup will help you).
We go to one of the largest darknet markets – AlvaBau Market. On the left side, there is a panel where all product groups are listed. For example, hacking, security, social engineering. Next is the sale of drugs, which, in fact, is about 70% of all goods. You can also buy social network accounts or logins and passwords from them, personal information and passport scans, a variety of documents – from social security numbers to driver’s licenses.
In the Guides & Tutorials section you can find instructions on how to do something. For example, the production of drugs – here the method of preparation is painted in stages. Such guides are paid and free of charge. The latter is usually a collection of information, which can be Google and on the Internet. Example of a paid guide – the opportunity to use Amazon Refund, that is, the instruction on how to behave properly in order to get a refund for a product. The cost is $9.
On this site, you can buy counterfeit goods – clothing, electronics, keys for games, books that are difficult to find on the normal Internet, logins, and passwords for many sites.
Now a popular topic – lifetime passwords to porn sites: you buy for $5 a password that gives access to various porn sites, as soon as their owner closes access, you go to the seller and he gives you another password. As long as there are offices like this, you can get as many passwords from them as you want for free. Pornosites are the most popular, then there are Netflix and Hulu movie sites, and then there are news publications that are not accessible. For example, The New York Times.
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