iPhone XS may not be Secured Afterall, YouTuber Reveals uniteddumpscom, getbettebiz

Apple further demonstrated its resolve to ensure users’ privacy and security by releasing iPhone XS with iOS 12 and 12.1 operating system. The company based in Cupertino did not hide its desire to ensure maximum protection for its users as it boasts of its achievement in terms of security. Nevertheless, the latest research reports have put a question mark on the maximum security Apple claim to supply infractions by hackers have been discovered leaving photos and contacts vulnerable.
Researchers and several white hat hackers have been able to demonstrate that Apple’s claim of privacy and security should be taken with a pinch of salt through their ability to break through the phone’s passcode and revealing contacts and users’ photos.
Reports have it that a particular bug was discovered in the newly-unveiled iOS 12.1 beta and even iOS 12. This bug is said to allow anyone making use of the bug to evade user’s passcode and thus get through to their personal files such as phone contacts and images. iPhones that are Tough ID and Face ID enabled can both be compromised via this means.
The implication of the trespass is that apart from the iOS 12 and 12.1 beta, other operating systems of Apple such as iPhone XS can easily be compromised too. A hacker can easily make use of the bug to get through to your iPhone XS and get away with your private data.
Be that as it may, to get be able to hack your iPhone XS or any other iPhone with the bug, the criminal must first gain a physical access to your device. He can then sideline the passcode verification page on the screen of the iPhone.
In other to get past the passcode, the attacker employs Siri by tricking it. He modifies the VoiceOver feature on your iOS and then, do away with the hindrance posed by the passcode. Notwithstanding, it must be stated that this attack can only go through is your Siri is enabled and your device Face ID is either disabled or covered manually.
This process of bypassing iPhone passcode was recently made available in a video by Jose Rodriguez who is a YouTuber based in Spain. He claims he is an Apple fan but has been actively involved in revealing many flaws and bugs in iPhones of late. You can click on this link to get the video in which Jose Rodriguez explained the passcode bypassing process.
An attacker simply follows the 37-step procedure to unlawfully gain access to users’ private data and can, henceforth, edit or delete them. No doubts, this revelation would deal a huge blow to the much-hyped security feat of Apple iPhones.
For record purposes, this technique of bypassing iPhone passcode has been confirmed. It has been established to work on various operating systems of iPhones including iPhone XS. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t thought it necessary to give a response to the inquiry made from them in this regard.
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