It’s World Password Day 2020 – Is Your Organization Safe validccsellercc, pawn-shopcc

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Today is World Password Day , a holiday created by Intel on the first Thursday of May to ensure everyone knows password best practices. “P@ssW0rd” has never been a safe password to use to protect your accounts… ever.
There are best practices to keep in mind when creating passwords. Here are a few of our personal favorites: 
The Pesky Password Problem: How Hackers and Defenders Battle For Your Network Control
What really makes a “strong” password? And why are your end-users tortured with them in the first place? How do hackers crack your passwords with ease? And what can/should you do about your authentication methods?
Utilize our Free Password Tools
Did you know 81% of hacking-related breaches use either stolen and/or weak passwords? Employees are the weakest link in network security, using weak passwords and falling for phishing and social engineering attacks. Our free Weak Password Test (WPT) checks your Active Directory for several different types of weak password related threats, and sends you a report in just a few minutes.
The bad guys are constantly coming out with new ways to hack into your network and steal your organization’s confidential information. Our free Password Exposure Test (PET) allows you to run an in-depth analysis of your organization’s hidden exposure risk associated with your users. PET makes it easy for you to identify users with exposed emails publicly available on the web, and checks your Active Directory to see if they are using weak or compromised passwords that are part of a known data breach. You’ll get your results in minutes.
While World Password Day is celebrated only once a year, it’s important to keep your organization secure all year long. You can use our free password security tools at any time throughout the year to help and use our Free Downloadable Complex Password Guide! !
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