Maintaining Brand Strength In A Time Of Ever Present Breaches The Importance Of Proactive Security. dump credit card free, cc dump pastebin

These days security breaches dominate the headlines. Whether it is the now infamous Ashley Madison hack, the recent OPM incident, or the Anthem issue, breaches are being discussed across technology, business and mainstream consumer media. And for good reason: breaches are becoming more prevalent each year. The total number of data breaches grew by 62% from 2012 to 2013, and by 23% from 2013 to 2014. Enterprises are well aware of the financial consequences of such incidents; after all, the infamous Target data breach of 2013, and the accompanying $162 million in costs not covered by insurance, was a wake up call.
But how about the intangibles, like brand damage, caused by a breach?
“The CXO’s Guide To Managing Expansion… While Controlling Costs & Compliance Considerations” report, from Verizon Enterprise Solutions, emphasizes how the breach-inflicted brand damage to an enterprise can be devastating. According to the report , 69% of customers are less likely to engage with a business that has experienced a data breach. Even more telling is that consumers have identified breaches as the “single biggest factor that would hurt their opinion of a brand,” even above causing a natural disaster.
So what can enterprises do? As breaches continue to become more common, many companies are realizing security is more than a compliance issue. Like others, Verizon places growing importance on proactive measures, as opposed to reactive, in keeping enterprises safe and retaining customer confidence in a brand. Specifically, Verizon identifies the following three “Steps to Success” for a proactive security solution for growing enterprises:
As a company that is revolutionizing enterprise security, Synack fits all three of these criteria.
It all comes down to taking smart measures to stay ahead of the adversarial threat. How do you plan to make your enterprise’s security more proactive?
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