Navigating the Troubled Waters of Risk Management uniccshopru, uniccshopvip

The nature of organizations is to evolve and adapt to changes and the risks associated with these changes. Businesses migrate to the cloud deploying a multitude of platforms, move their data in the cloud, and employ containerized services not only to survive change but to thrive in this challenging environment. Even though all these technological advancements benefit businesses in many ways, they equally create new risks.    
The cybersecurity landscape is evolving together with the technological one. Cybersecurity risks have “escaped” from the siloed environment of IT departments and have become business risks. This is where the role of a Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) becomes incredibly important. Its role is to lead and navigate the business through troubled waters to the safe harbor of resilience. What is required is for the CAP professional to become an enabler of change by proposing ways to safeguard the organization.
In our latest eBook we have asked authorization and risk management professionals and members of (ISC)² how holding the CAP certification has helped their businesses navigate the troubled waters of risk management and avoid crashing against the rocks.
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