Product Review – Stellar Repair for MS SQL trump-dumpscc, zunostoresru

My SQL Server database was stuck in restoring state when I restarted the system after an unexpected system shutdown. I tried restoring all the necessary files expecting to make the database operational but to no avail. The database has been in restoring mode for a long time and can’t be accessed until restored. 
I tried bringing the database online by restoring it from the backup “WITH RECOVERY” option. But, the restore process fails with ‘error 3013 – the backup database is terminating abnormally’. To save troubleshooting time, I decided to use SQL database repair software to get the job done with precision and integrity. After googling for the best SQL repair tool, I came across Stellar Repair for MS SQL software. 
Recommended by SQL users worldwide, the software can help repair and restore the database to its original form. It can scan and repair SQL database MDF and NDF files. 
Before using the software, make sure your PC meets these minimum system requirements: 
After downloading and installing the software, follow these steps to regain access to your SQL db:
Step 1: Run the SQL Recovery Software . ‘Browse’ the database you want to restore. 
Note: Alternatively, you can ‘Search’ the databases if you are not aware of their location. 
After these steps, try accessing your database saved at the desired location. 
Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a handy tool for SQL users looking for a quick and reliable solution to restore their SQL Server database. It does exactly as it claims- restores the database stuck in restoring the state to its original, intact form. The best aspect about the software is its simple-to-use UI that makes restoring SQL db a hassle-free process.
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