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*Updated October 12, 2020.
Calling all Fitness & Peloton Lovers in Cybersecurity 
CISOs and cybersecurity practitioners have experienced a drastic increase in attack surface during the pandemic and have been working harder than ever to keep up with the demands on their time. There’s nothing better to (decrease your own surface area) burn off steam than a workout. In order to help with your self care, and help all of us to have fun and give back a little, Synack is providing a little extra incentive. Starting October 1st for Cyber Awareness Month, Synack will create a #ridewithsynack hashtag to the Peloton app (no bike needed). Join us in a 1-month long Synack Peloton Diversity Challenge to raise awareness and funds for Black Girls Code. Synack will donate $10 for each Peloton workout a cybersecurity practitioner and Peloton member actively participates in during the month of October up to $10,000. Participants must use the leaderboard hashtag #RidewithSynack. Recommended workouts will be posted on social media and at the bottom of this page at the beginning of each week starting Monday, October 5th!
unicc credit card fullz shop list