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With some timely articles featuring our CTO Mark Kuhr, we thought this would be a good time to remind our customers and followers: We’re not just in the US; we’re in Europe too!
SC Magazine UK: New technology, same bugs: the rise and fall of the robot revolution
IT Security Guru: Severe Security Vulnerabilities in Home, Business and Industrial Robots – Industry Reaction
We know that like most things, security can have a local flavor: each area has its own traditions, regulations, strengths, and weaknesses around security practices. At Synack, we are always working towards building a triangle of trust between our customers, our hackers, and us. We know that a huge part of building that trust is making sure our customers feel understood and supported and we know that people prefer doing business close by. So shortly after our 2013 beginning, we’ve been expanding out of Silicon Valley, California, and we’ve been casting a broader net into a growing set of regions.
Synack has been committed to providing innovative solutions to a variety of cybersecurity concerns, not only in the US, but in Europe as well. During the time we’ve been on the ground in Europe, we’ve become familiar with the unique regulatory laws, practices, and pain-points surrounding the organizations and governments within it. With some of our really great Synack people placed in the UK, Netherlands, and DACH countries — we want to give you an update on the local European events we will be attending:
World Cyber Security Congress – London, UK
7 March – Jay Kaplan: How Hackers are Helping to Protect a Nation
8 March – Mark Kuhr: Adversarial Alignment: Establishing an attacker-class view of your assets.
Enterprise Security & Risk Management – Amsterdam, Netherlands
9 March – Jay Kaplan: Trusted Hackers who want to be your Allies, not your Adversaries
Hack in the Box – Amsterdam, Netherlands
10–14 April
Enterprise Security & Risk Management – London, UK
25 April
Stay tuned for more info that we’ll roll out around our Spring events… We hope to see you at one of them!
cvv dump sites dumps and pins