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Ok, so i’m going to be showing you a very simple and probably well known method for viewing password fields on websites. Before you go ahead and say this is a stupid method, it can help with you trying to find out your brothers or sisters password, or even a friends password. I sometimes use this method to double check I have entered my password right on certain sites.
Step 1)
Go to any site you want with a password box and put in the email and password, but don’t click the login button, i’m going to be using facebook for example. (keep in mind this works on absolutely any site)
Step 2)
Select the entire password and right click on the click “Inspect element”
Step 3)
Once the inspect element window has appeared, repeat Step 2 by right clicking on the password text while it is selected and clicking inspect element. then the selected piece of text should be”type=”password”
Step 4)
Change the text in the “password” code where it says type=”password” change this to whatever you like and it will work, I’m just going to put a bunch of random text in to prove that anything will work.
Now you’re all done, if you look in the top left of that image you can see that the password field is fully visibile and the text I have entered, you can see.
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