Ways To Have Ad-Free Mobile Youtube Hackercombat trump-dumpsru, pawn-shopcc

Instead of watching TV programs, the lifestyle of watching YouTube videos on Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV/smartphones and tablets is becoming established. However, recently, the number of times the ad has been displayed has tended to increase due to the fact that short movies of around 10 minutes have become mainstream, and even for long videos, we have inserted commercial videos that are disgusting depending on the video distributor. In the United States, Google offers advertisement-free options under a paywall system called “YouTube Red”, but it is not available globally, to the annoyance of people who wish to have advert-free Youtube even if they are willing to pay.
Unlike the PC version on Youtube, where a user can just download a browser extension that block adverts, the official Youtube app in Android and iOS lack such feature (besides, if Google allows it openly for free, that will kill its monetization scheme for Youtube mobile). However, the resourceful amongst us here in Hackercombat.com compiled some easy to use methods for helping you achieve advert-free Youtube sessions in a mobile device :
Of course, using the last three options are in the gray area of the law, given that using forked copies of Youtube app is illegal since it is not open-source software. Likewise, deliberately blocking adverts in Android is legally vague, though Google has not flexed its muscles to ban users from using advert block in an Android device, there is no semblance of approval from the part of the search giant.
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