Windows 10 1903 Upgrade A Repeat Of 1809 Nightmare cc shop online, buy credit card numbers with cvv

Microsoft lost a lot of user confidence when the company released the half-baked Windows 10 1809 upgrade October last year, which unexpectedly deleted files of users without any warning during the upgrade process. The company was forced to recall the update to the embarrassment of Microsoft developers which leads to a steady increase of “Windows 10 sucks” articles and Youtube videos being posted by both critics and veteran users alike.
Microsoft is once again in the middle of an upgrade cycle beta testing, which will be known by Windows 10 Insider users as the 19H1 update. The company has migrated away from the major Windows release cycle of once every three years to a quick update cycle, with big feature upgrade twice a year starting with Windows 10’s first version in 2015. Now, after what happened with the disastrous October 2018 Update, the question that sure is being made from Redmond is to what extent users will willingly accept to install 19H1 when it is pushed to end-users machines a few weeks from now (around March to April 2019).
The 19H1 upgrade contains new features that may range from very basic iconography facelift to under the hood changes, which may or may not be compelling to a particular demography of users. Here are some of its features:
Of course, there is still a criticism of Microsoft’s downgraded quality control, as the company under Satya Nadella heavily depends on the Insider beta testers to report bugs instead of heavily relying on the internal debuggers. It will take a lot of courage for a regular non-technical user to try to become an Insider beta tester. The last 1809 update has proven that end-users performing the beta test voluntarily are not enough to fix showstopper Windows bugs before public release. Microsoft is set to release the April 2019 upgrade as Windows 10 1903, if all things will turn-out ok after the Insider preview program.
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